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The possibilities seem endless in a city like Florence; from true Sicilian recipes that delight the palate and bring the sea to land to deep red Bistecca Fiorentina, Florence offers any lover of Italian food as many options as you can imagine.

We have traveled across Italy for over forty years. Some of our old favorites in the city have gone, and many new exceptional restaurants and trattorias have opened.

Get off the beaten path and enjoy some of these, our first ‘go-to’ places for a fairly priced, well served meal.


Ristorante Ara: e Sud

A new comer to Florence. Go!

Chef Carmello Pennachietti brought with him his great success (including Michelin stars) from Sicily to Florence. His preparations, especially the fresh sea food, invoke views of the Ionian coast, of verdant hillsides and of the unique Sicilian culture. His incredible recipes astound with their bursts of flavor, their savory after-bite and their luscious freshness.

Reservations strongly recommended.


The Dining Room, Ara e Sud

Via della Vigna Vecchia, 4, 50122 Firenze FI,




Closed Tuesday

Monday – Sunday: 12:00 Noon – 11:00PM

Tel: +39. 331.21.70.926



Trattoria Anita

Trattoria Anita

Located directly behind the Palazzo Vecchio (the city “hall” of Florence), and down a narrow medieval alleyway, this lovely and simple trattoria serves very good food, traditionally Tuscan, at an incredible price (good, that is!). If there are more than four together for dinner, I would call ahead for reservations.

Via del Parlascio, 2

50122 Firenze, Italy

Phone: +


Monday-Saturday 12:00PM – 2:30PM, 7:00PM – 10:15PM

Sunday                      Closed


Il Latini

If there is any restaurant in Florence that personifies the insane cacophonous atmosphere of the true Italian trattoria, Il Latini is it. GO EARLY at opening to get in, otherwise you will have to wait, sometimes for more than an hour. You can call ahead for reservations. You often sit at long tables with other diners. The ceiling is covered in hanging prosciutto hams. This place is great fun and has great food. A Florentine tradition.

Via dei Palchetti, 6R

50123 Firenze, Italy

Phone: +


Tuesday – Sunday  12:30PM – 2:30PM, 7:30PM – 10:30PM

Monday                    Closed

Il Latini Florence

Il Latini, Firenze


Trattoria San Gallo

Trattoria San Gallo

Trattoria San Gallo

Located just off the intersection of Via San Gallo and Via Guelfa, this small and unassuming trattoria offers good meals at reasonable prices. Don’t expect fancy or superb levels of service. This is a place where the locals dine, so you know it is consistent and fairly priced.


Via San Gallo, 4

50122 Firenze, Italy

Phone: +


Monday – Friday    12:00PM – 3:00PM, 7:00PM – 11:30PM

Saturday                     7:00PM – 11:30PM (no Lunch)

Sunday                      12:00PM – 3:00PM, 7:00PM – 11:30PM


Trattoria Bibe

This is a wonderful place with exceptional food and service. If you wish to get out of the city and into a nearby suburb (Galluzzo) you can take a taxi for about € 20.00 each way and have a memorable meal with some of the best food in Tuscany.

Trattoria Bibe Garden Terrace

Trattoria Bibe, Garden Terrace


The family that owns the trattoria is in their fifth generation of ownership. Families from the Frescobaldi’s to the Antinori’s to the common folks of Florence love this place. In summer, reserve on the lovely garden terrace and in cooler days, the interior offers the kind of warmth only an Italian home can offer.

Via delle Bagnese, 1

50124 Firenze, Italy

Phone: +


Mon-Friday              Dinner only 7:30PM –9:30PM

Saturday/Sunday   12:30PM – 2:30PPM, 7:30PM – 9:30PM

Wednesday              Closed


La Ménagére

A newcomer to the Florence dining scene, this is a trendy and fun place to enjoy very good food in a modern/quirky atmosphere. Love the design of this place and the food offers unique twists on Tuscan traditional recipes.


La Ménagére , Florence


You will find good service, fair prices and a welcoming comfortable atmosphere. If you are interested, they often have jazz in the evenings in the lower cantina. You can check at the restaurant welcome desk about time and performers.


Via de’Ginori, 8

Firenze, Italy

Phone: +


Monday – Sunday              12:00PM – 11:00PM


Ristorante Cafaggi


The entire family works together at Cafaggi!

This fourth generation family run restaurant attracts local Florentines, as well as the knowledgeable visitor. You may see the occasional large group here, but the main dining room is reserved for tables of from two to six diners.

I recommend calling for a reservation for dinner. Famous for Beefsteak Florentine…and it is GOOD!

Via Guelfa, 35/R

50129 Firenze, Italy

Phone: +


Monday – Saturday    12:30PM – 3:00PM, 7:00PM – 10:00PM

Sunday                           Closed


Osteria Santo Spirito


Interior of Osteria Santo Spirito

Located directly on the Piazza that fronts the church of Santo Spirito in the Oltrarno, the south side of the Arno River, this place is relaxing, fun, flavorful and memorable. You should make reservations for dinner.


Depending on weather, you can sit outside on the raised wooden platform. Clear “plastic” walls help keep the weather out. I recommend upstairs inside for a quieter table and, if you are fortunate, a view of the Piazza.

Piazza Santo Spirito, 16/R

50125 Firenze, Italy

Phone: +


Monday – Sunday              12:00PM – 11:30PM




A word of explanation: Cibreo and the Teatro del Sale, across from each other in the Sant’Ambrogio neighborhood of Florence, are owned by the same family – the Picchi’s. The chef’s wife at Cibreo opened the Teatro del Sale as a dinner/performance venue several years ago. These two restaurants are listed separately so that you can consider options about style of meal, type of atmosphere, etc. Either way, you will not be disappointed with either place.

Cibreo Florence

Cibreo, Main Dining Room


Much has been written about the amazing food prepared here by Chef and owner Fabio Picchi. A Florentine attraction in and of himself, the restaurant is rated one of the very best in Italy. Yes, it is pricey, yet you will never regret your meal if you dine here. Call for reservations.

Via Andrea del Verrocchio, 8/R

50128 Firenze, Italy

Phone: +


Tuesday –Sunday   12:50PM – 2:30PM, 7:00PM – 11:15PM

Monday                    Closed


Teatro del Sale

Florentine Chef Fabio Picchi is one of Florence’s living treasures who steals the Sant’Ambrogio show with this eccentric, good value members-only club located inside an old theater. (Everyone welcome, annual membership € 7.00 per person at entrance.) He cooks up weekend brunch, lunch and dinner, culminating at 9:30PM in a live performance of drama, music or comedy arranged by his wife, artistic director and comic actress Maria Cassi. Dinners are hectic: grab a chair, serve yourself water, wine and antipasti and wait for the chef to yell out what’s about to be served. You line up at the open kitchen’s counter for your first and second course. Dessert and coffee are laid out buffet-style just prior to the performance. FUN!

Teatro del Sale Firenze

Dinner hour at Teatro del Sale

Via de` Macci, 118

50122 Firenze, Italy

Phone: +


Tuesday – Friday                12:00PM – 2:30PM (Brunch)

7:30PM – 11:00PM

Saturday                               11:30AM – 3:00PM

7:30PM – 11:00PM

Sunday                                  11:30AM – 3:00PM (Brunch Only)

Monday                                Closed


Mercato Nuovo (San Lorenzo Food Market)


Food Market Florence

A typical summer crowd at the Mercato


The ground floor of this building is where the locals shop for the best of Tuscan and Italian goods; from meats to cheeses to vegetables and seasonings this is the place for best prices on fresh products.

In April 2014, the second floor became a kind of open Tuscan food ‘court’ where only the finest Tuscan items are prepared. There is a high degree of attention paid to the quality and preparation of dishes available. Open daily for a unique experience, offering leisure, authenticity, spontaneity and tradition.

Piazza del Mercato Centrale, 26

Firenze, Italy


Monday – Sunday              11:00AM – 11:00PM

Phone: +


Monday – Sunday                                      10:00AM – 12:01AM


Trattoria Za Za

Since 1977 this delightful little trattoria, steps from the Mercato Nuovo (see #10), has been serving excellent food with good service and fair prices. Inside is cozy, with warm colors and multi-faceted artwork.


A welcoming evening view at Osteria Santo Spirito

Depending on weather, you can sit outside on their covered wooden deck. Well worth the trip for a good meal.

If you plan on dinner, I recommend called for a reservation.


Piazza Santo Spirito, 16/R, 50125 Firenze FI, Italy
Monday – Friday: 12:00PM – 11:30PM Continuous
Saturday and Sunday: 6:30PM – 11:30PM
Tel: +39 055 238 2383

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