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Okay. I admit it. I’m addicted to Ristorante Cafaggi where, for over twenty years, I have enjoyed flavorful, truly Tuscan meals. I was introduced to this well respected restaurant in the late 1980’s by a friend whose family owns a nearby hotel.

Find “truly Tuscan” in Florence?

A recent experience underscores the challenge of finding family owned and operated restaurants in this historic and beautiful city. After a busy morning doing research at the Biblioteca Riccardiana located in the Palazzo Medici-Ricardi, I entered a small nearby cafe for lunch. The woman behind the counter was from a distant land and did not speak either Italian or English . . . nor did anyone else in the place. As extreme as thisĀ  may seem, it is unfortunately repeated in many eateries across the city.

Cafaggi Ristorante Florence

Cafaggi, Florence

Cafaggi, in an increasingly world-confused culture, is a reliable retreat for lovingly prepared traditional Tuscan meals.

The family Cafaggi established their restaurant many years ago. Since then, generations have enthusiastically prepared the very best of Tuscan cuisine for locals and visitors alike. Dining room and kitchen have little changed since opening, save for repairs made after five feet of Arno River waters flooded the space in November 1966.

As street noise abated by the minute. staff lingered at tables to describe the day’s specials or to discuss

Tagliatelle con porcini

topics of the day. Dinner this evening included Bruschetta, Tagliatelle with Porcini mushrooms and a succulent breast of chicken accompanied by fresh asparagus. Price? Less than $30.00 including wine and tip. In Florence, an incredibly fair price. By the time I left, all but a few diners remained. Satiated, as always, by luscious food, I returned to my hotel.

The Ristorante is located on the Via Guelfa, not far from the Accademia di Belle Arti and the Piazza San Marco.

I cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough.

In future posts, I will share information for travelers about where to find other fairly priced, traditional Tuscan kitchens in bella Firenze. Join me!


Ristorante Cafaggi

Via Guelfa, 35r

Florence, Italy

TEL: +39 055 294989

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Ristorante Cafaggi

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