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Piegaro, Umbria, Italy

Piegaro, Umbria, Italy

This small walled village holds within its medieval walls, one of the most treasured secrets in the province of Umbria and of Italy; the creation of stained glass.

Situated above the Nestore River in central Umbria, the town became a destination for glass artists from Venice. In 1292, the Venice Proclamation, declared that all glass artisans must move to the island of Murano. Fires from the many glass blowers that had operated in the city for centuries had caused too many fires. The Proclamation was intended to diffuse growing anger and concern among the Venetians that their properties were at risk from those fires. Murano was selected as the site for all future glass makers.

One of the unexpected results of the 1292 edict was the migration of a large number of glass artists from Venice in search of solitude and protection in other cities. Piegaro became the primary location for many of those artisans. The nearby river provided the sand needed for their furnaces, plentiful and easily accessible forests provided fuel.

Glass Mosaic, FranchiFacade Duomo Siena

Glass Mosaic, Franchi
Facade Duomo Siena

The first of four major vetreria, glassworks, were established in 1292. These glassworks continued in use, including several 15th century expansions, until immediately after World War II. From the glorious glass mosaics that cover portions of the facade on Siena’s Duomo to the glass windows in churches and cathedrals in Bologna, Milan and other cities, the vetreria artisans of Piegaro created stunning artistic glass.

Today, the village is the location of one of the largest commercial glass manufacturers in Italy. With a small vetreria museum located along the city walls, the fascinating history of these artisans is available to be enjoyed.


The village of Piegaro is located in the central Italian province of Umbria. Easily reached in less than an hour from the towns of Chiusi, Marsciano and Perugia, the village is a wonderful destination for a relaxing day in the Umbrian countryside.

If you are interested in visiting the Museo del Vetro (the Glass Museum) in the village, it is

Lane, Piegaro, Umbria

Lane, Piegaro, Umbria

best to email them directly, using the email address below, to confirm open hours and other details. You can also contact the local Cultural Office in Piegaro at the numbers and email address listed below:

Museo del Vetro – Comune di Piegaro

Tel. +

Tel. (Cell) +39.333.79.07.764

Email: museodelvetro@comune.piegaro.pg.it

Cultural Office, Piegaro

Ufficio Cultura – Comune di Piegaro

Tel. +

Email: turismo@comune.piegaro.pg.it

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