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Michelangelo_1475-1564_Sacred_Family_the_Doni_Tondo_grande (1)Join Road Scholar and Mark Gordon Smith, Instructor in Italian Renaissance Art History, Conversational Italian and Travels Across Italy, in a five day program entitled, “The Beautiful and the Powerful of the Italian Renaissance“.

The program begins on 22 April 2018 and concludes on 27 April 2018.

The program is based on the beautiful campus of Montreat College, about fifteen minutes east of Asheville, NC.

Participants will learn many background stories of the Italian Renaissance’s most powerful families, the iconic as well as less known works of art they commissioned, and the effect that their patronage of the arts had on western civilization. From Florence to Venice, Rome to Naples, the trace of Italian Renaissance art is a fascinating and remarkable one.

The pace is easy, informal and comfortable.

Please visit the Road Scholar web site for further details and information. Join us for what will be an enjoyable and fascinating exploration of Italy’s incredible Renaissance art and political history.

The Beautiful and the Powerful of the Italian Renaissance

22 – 27 April 2018

Montreat College Campus (on the outskirts of Black Mountain, NC)

Telephone Inquiries: 800-454-5768

Montreat College View NC

Montreat College View – Western North Carolina

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