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On April 27, 2018, the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte will initiate a year of events to celebrate the 1000 year anniversary of its founding. On April 27, 2018 the Archbishop of Florence, Betori, will celebrate with the opening of basilica’s Holy Door and then will celebrate Mass.

San Miniato Facade

Facade of San Miniato

The basilica was founded by Bishop Hildebrand in 1018 when he placed the remains of martyred Saint Minius on the altar of the church. Located atop a hill, above the south side of the Arno River above Florence, the terrace that fronts the Basilica offer unforgettable views across the city and valley of the Arno. The monastic community and Basilica are still in use to this day.

(See our blog post, Gregorian Chant at San Miniato)

The Holy Door, on the basilica’s facade, has an inscription on the threshold which reads, “Haec est Parta Coeli” or “This is the Gate of Heaven.”

Haec est porta

Threshold of the Holy Door, San Miniato

Highlights of the events to come:

May 11, 2018. 9:00PM, Artist Marco Nereo Rotelli’s installations on the facade of the Basilica.

June 21, 2018: Sunset Prayer concert with the debut of an original piece by composer Isa Cecil Scott.

June 23, 2018: June 23 (Festival of the Patron Saint of Florence, San Giovanni Battista). Street performances and “Medieval” fair.

September 13 and 14, 2018: International conference on the history of San Miniato

April 3 – 7, 2019: Litrugical chants will be sung, based on “Haec est porta coeli” and called “Canti per mille anni”, “Chants for a thousand years”.

San Miniato Cappella del Crocifisso

Capella di Crocifisso, San Miniato

Keep checking the San Miniato and Florence Tourism web site for further details and an ever expanding calendar of events to celebrate the Millennium of San Miniato.




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Sunset San Mineato

Sunset Illumination San Miniato al Monte – Florence

Late afternoon. Sunlight from the western sun strikes the facade of the Basilica of San Miniato high above Florence. The clock moves steadily toward 5:30PM. Light reflected from 13th Century windows shimmers against intricately patterned floors in the nave of the church. A soft wind breathes from the western entrance of the church and brushes past Taddeo Gaddi’s 14th Century frescoes. The breeze finds its way to a window in the sacristy where it leaves the interior and fans out over the Monumental Cemetery.

This is the Basilica of San Mineato al Monte. Legend has it that Saint Mineas was the first christian martyr of Florence. He was beheaded for this faith and in keeping with the miraculous story, picked up his head, placed it back on this neck and climbed back to his hermitage, a cave, above the city. The Mount of the Cross, as it is now called, became the chosen site for a basilica to house the bones of the sainted Mineas.

Benedictine monks were intimately involved in the construction of the basilica after the first stones were laid in 1018 A.D. In 1373, long after the basilica was complete, the responsibility for the care and upkeep of the Basilica came into the hands of the Olivetan order.


Watercolor Shadows
Gregorian Chant – Evening Vespers
San Miniato al Monte

The crypt (1063) contains seven narrow aisles and more than thirty-five columns. When Taddeo Gaddi was commissioned, in the 14th Century, to decorate the interior of the crypt, he covered those columns in gold leaf. None of that work remains today. It is still a beautiful space, reverent in both its structure and atmosphere.

The Crypt San Miniato al Monte Florence Italy

Crypt-San Miniato al Monte

At 6:30PM (18:30) , Cistercian monks who support and maintain the basilica slowly enter the crypt for Vespers. A few curious visitors along with a few faithful who wish to participate , enter and take seats on wooden pews or on the deep marble steps in the rear of the crypt.To the intonations of a monk, they begin to sing Gregorian chant.

April 18, 2018 Update: Your best plan to hear the Gregorian Chant is to check the schedule for evening Mass on SUNDAYS. If you wish to only hear the Gregorian Chant, and not attend mass, you should plan on arriving at San Miniato around 6:15PM. Please be seated in the main Nave of the Basilica, as Mass will conclude in the Crypt at around 6:30PM. The Gregorian Chant follows the evening mass. 

I have had many clients, during my small group tours in Tuscany, complain ” . . . not ABC-another bloody church!” Even those so skeptical cannot help but be moved by the beauty and the sense of history as the textured voices of monks fill the crypt, rise to the nave and echo against the mosaic of Christ above the main altar.

Time slows. Candlelight shimmers in a far corner of the crypt. I enjoy walking around the basilica when Vespers are being chanted. The reflection of light from the nearly 1000 year old floor shimmers with a sheen of blue. Markers of those buried under the floor of the nave as well as those memorialized are stark reminders that, indeed, time is fleeting.

Summer afternoon light San Miniato

Summer Evening Light
Floor of San Miniato al Monte

No one ever fails to be deeply moved by such a place and such a service. I cannot recommend any early evening activity in Florence more than this.

Candlelight in the Crypt of San Miniato

Candlelight in the Crypt of San Miniato


San Miniato al Monte

Via delle Porte Sante, 34  50125 Firenze, Italy

Tel: 055.234.2731

You are advised to call ahead, particularly in the winter months (November – March) to confirm times for the Sunday evening Mass Vespers service at the basilica.

The climb to San Mineato al Monte from the river level of the city is strenuous. Unless you are in very good health, I recommend using either a city bus or a private taxi. The walk back down to the city, after the service, is easy and enjoyable with spectacular views over the ancient city center.

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